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Claudia Casanova

Barcelona • 1974

Claudia Casanova (Barcelona, 1974) has an MA in both Economics and Translation. After reading The Neverending Story she knew she wanted to be a writer, because there was nothing better than to create worlds with ink and paper. She travelled to Malaysia with Salgari and wandered the twenty thousand leagues under the sea aboard Julius Verne’s Nautilus and dared to escort Frodo and Sam to Mordor; she also dreamt she was living in a quiet English village and that she went by the name of Dashwood. Claudia Casanova started writing stories at 12, and although she tried to settle down while at university, among numbers and economy, it was there where she understood she would only be happy amidst words. She has worked as a proof-reader, translator and she’s now a publisher. She has also written two historical novels: La dama y el leon (The Lady and the Lion) set in medieval France, translated into several languages and La tierra de Dios (The Land of God) set in the Spain of the three cultures. She is also a member of the American Historical Association and contributes to several media on historical topics.

Her third novel, The Black Pearl, set in XII century Narbonne, will be published by Edciones B in April 2017.